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2006 Merchandise - T-Shirts
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TShirtThere have been a few t-shirts produced for the current tour of the Rocky Horror Show, these three are some of the most recent.

First up is the tour sillouette of Frank 'n' Furter on the front of the shirt with a small Rocky Horror Show logo on right sleeve on a black tshirt.

TShirtNext we have a sleeve-less t-shirt with very subtle RHS (Rocky Horror Show) lettering on the left side picked out in diamonte.

TShirt detail
T-shirt Diamonte Detail

TShirtThere is also a nice pink slim style t-shirt again with the nice RHS (Rocky Horror Show) lettering on the left side picked out again in diamonte.

I like the subtle RHS logo shirts, something to wear at work instead of the basque!

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All these shirts are currently only available to buy at the Rocky Horror UK stage show venues during performances.

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