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Ceris Hine CD
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Ceris Hine CDFor those of you (we that one person) that didn't know. Ceris Hine played Columbia for the 2009/2010 UK tour of The Rocky Horror Show. She has now realeased her first CD of show songs, which includes a rather good Rocky Horror medley.

    Track listing.
  1. Gorgeous
  2. The Girl with 14G
  3. Children Of The Wind
  4. Vanilla Ice Cream
  5. Happy Working Song
  6. I Will Be Right Here
  7. The Boy From...
  8. Green Finch And Linnett Bird
  9. What It Means To Be A Friend
  10. Christmas Lullaby
  11. It Was Great When It All Began (Rocky Horror Medley)

Available to order via Dress Circle [link], price at Sunday, December 12th, 2010 £13.99

Ceris CDThe album really does show off the incredible range of Ceris's voice.

I think we should have a game of "where are all the songs from". "Happy Working Song" for instance is from "Enchanted" which is one of my favourite recent movies, there I've said it and I don't care. Love the movie and love Ceris's rendidtion of it too!

The Rocky Horror medley at the end is lovely, just Ceris and a piano accompaniment. With some of her best lyrics from the show put together. The only downside it that track is the shortest at two minutes, I would love to hear an extended version of that one.

One to play over and over.

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