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Page updated Monday, December 16th, 2013
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released 2013 - Reviewed by Kev
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Honey for SaleHoney for sale is the new album from actor, songwriter, producer Daniel Abineri.

Daniel, for those newer fans among us, has a long association with Rocky Horror. In 1979 aged just 21 he became the youngest actor ever to play the role of Frank on the shows first UK tour, subsequently going on to play the role countless times over the next 13 years not only in London’s West End and again on the 1992 UK tour, but also in New Zealand and Australia (where he also directed the show.) In fact over the years Daniel has probably played Frank more times around the world than anyone else.

An accomplished actor, with appearances in film and on stage in both the UK and Australia, Daniel also wrote the controversial cult rock musical Bad Boy Johny and the Prophets of Doom which premiered in Australia spawning a successful cast album, before enjoying a national tour of the UK in 2010.

His 2007 single Mr President was a scathing attack on the then President of the United States George W. Bush which managed that rare feat for a protest song of being both a decent tune and having something relevant to say about its subject.

Daniels last musical identity was as The Atheists with the stand out tracks Some kind of Heaven and Ban the gun showing his mature song writing style.

Daniels first solo album Honey for sale is an autobiographical journey through his life, from his youth in the UK, to moving to Australia in the 80’s, marrying a Bunny Girl and touring in Rocky along the way. Then later leaving families behind and starting new ones, growing older and taking stock.

Honey for SaleThe tracks on the album are a clever fusion of Folk Rock, Pop, Blues, and Ballads. This eclectic mix of songs styles works brilliantly to tell Daniels life story. Lyrically the songs are more personal than Daniel’s previous releases, this combined with his distinctive vocals and phrasing makes at times for a beautifully melancholy and then uplifting musical journey of Love, loss, family and life.

One Day, Nothing at all (Without you) are the stand out Ballads on the album, Every time I see my baby smile effortlessly ambles along with a cheeky wink, whistling as it goes, while the Ukulele heavy Perfect Girl and Don’t ever let it go are joyfully kooky and catchy. Saving the title track for last Honey for sale gets into your head and stomps around until you can’t help but smile and sing along with its plea for love and forgiveness.

Honey for SaleIn this current climate of factory produced boy bands and pitch perfect auto-tuned overproduced singers, Daniel delivers a real grown up album full of heart that stands up to repeated listening.

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WIN a signed copy of the CD competition 2013

We had 3 signed copies of “Honey for sale” to give away, if you answered this question:

Daniel was the last actor to play Frank N Furter when the show’s original run closed in 1980. In which West End Theatre (now renamed the Harold Pinter Theatre) did the show close on 13 April 1980?

And chose B) The Comedy Theatre, you could have won.

The winners, drawn at random, were............Phil Barden, Alison Newton and Rob Bagnall.

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