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cassette tape recording from 1973

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Richar O'Brien - The Rocky Horror Show Origianal Demo TapeFrom the Music Glue website........

Richard O'Brien's original demo cassette tape recording from 1973

Originally made for The Royal Court Theatre and the Theatre Producer Michael White as a demo of the songs and storyline of The Rocky Horror Show. What no 'Time Warp' ? No 'Touch a Touch a Touch Me ? Richard O'Brien hadn't written them yet at the time of this recording. But even without them he got the gig at The Royal Court Theatre Upstairs and the rest is history. 'It was great when it all began'.

TimeWarp's mini review

Quite a wonderful insight into the birth of The Rocky Horror Show. At the time of the recording Richard hadn't written the 'Time Warp' or 'Touch a Touch a Touch Me' so don't expect those, however what you do get is Richard signing and playing guitar to eight of the original versions of the song. Lovely little touches of how the show evolved, I loved Janet being referred to as Brad's girlfriend rather than fiance.

For most of the songs there are also some basic, uncredited, backing vocals. There are also snippets of basic narration from Richard with descriptions of the characters and plot line. Richard's impressions of the various characters voices are great fun too.

I think the best bit for me of hearing the original songs, apart from the privilege of Richard signing them, is the small changes to the songs from what we know now both in lyrics and timing.

One thing that should be noted is this is a digital download, rather than a physical cassette tape. I suppose there are only a few of us left with actual tape decks to play a cassette on so that's not too bad, but a physical copy is always something the true collector wants.

TWWTimeWarpWebMaster     Sunday, September 6th, 2015

Track listing

  • Rose Tint My World
  • Dammit Janet
  • Once In A While
  • I Can Make You A Man/Hot Patootie
  • Sword of Damocles
  • Sweet Transvestite
  • Over At The Frankenstein Place
  • Science Fiction Double Feature

This item was available in 2015 to buy priced £5.99 as a digital download from Music Glue
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