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Featuring David Bedella, Christopher Biggins and Nigel Planer
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Wit and WhimsyFan club rep Kev sent me news of a CD featuring several stars who have appeared in The Rocky Horror Show over the years.

Wit & Whimsy - songs by Alexander S. Bermange is a double CD set with a total of 23 tracks.

I wasn't sure what to expect having not heard of Mr. Bermange before, but was pleasantly surprised by the content of the discs.

Reading through the notes, hidden in the gatefold cover, it became clear that Alexander has had a love of musical theatre for many years. His songs are indeed witty, bordering on parody at times, but all in all great fun. It's as if you are sharing the musical in jokes with the performers as you listen.

Alexander himself accompanies all the songs on the piano and has gathered a wonderful cast of performers to sing his work.

Featuring are our own David Bedella (Frank N Furter UK Tour), Christopher Biggins (Narrator UK Tour and Transylvania in RHPS) and Nigel Planer (Narrator UK Tour) as well as a host of other west end performers.

Overall a good addition to the collections and great fun too!

For more information about Alexander S. Bermange visit bermange.co.uk

There was also a special performance of many of the songs from the cd on Sunday, 30th April 2017 at The Hippodrome Casino, London. We went along and it was a great night. None of the Rocky related performers were there, but Christopher Biggins did record a welcome message or two for the show. Still great fun though.

Track Listing

    Disc One
  1. THE OPENING NUMBER - David Bedella
  2. CONFESSION - Miriam Margolyes
  3. GUEST SPOT - Amy Lennox
  4. ATRAINSPOTTER'S TALE - Phil Daniels
  5. I LOVE TO SING - Emma Williams
  6. I THINK I MIGHT BE JESUS - Simon Bailey
  9. LULLABY - Anna-Jane Casey
  10. A SERIOUS ACTOR - Ben Richards
  11. WE'VE NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD - Gemma Sutton and Sanne den Besten
    Disc Two
  1. AUDITION - Lauren Samuels
  2. WEDDING NIGHT - Christopher Biggins
  3. MY PRINCE - Laura Pitt-Pulford
  4. YET I'M HAPPY - Ian Bartholomew
  5. THE KEY PROBLEMS - Sam Lupton
  6. MOANING ABOUT PHONING - Tracie Bennett
  7. STUCK IN THE ENSEMBLE - Oliver Savile
  8. HE LEFT ME FOR MY GRANNY - Lucy May Barker
  9. THE UNDERGROUND - Craig Mather
  10. MULTIPLEXITY - Cassidy Janson
  11. A SORRY STORY - Nigel Planer
  12. IT'S LOVELY BEING A LUWIE - All Artists

Piano: Alexander S. Bermange
Produced by Mike Dixon
Recorded and Mixed by Keenan Bailey and Jonny Breakwell at Resident Studios London
Mastered by Simon Haram at Silent Age Sound
The voice of the Accompanist: Craig Mather
CD design by Barel Graphics

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Wit and Whimsy
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Wit and Whimsy

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