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50 years of Rocky Horror by Rob Bagnall and Phil Barden
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Still the Beast is Feeding - 50 years of Rocky HorrorComing soon, the revised, updated and expanded version of Rob and Phil's book, Still The Beast is Feeding.

The book is now released and here is the text from their facebook page.

"It’s finally here.
A massive thank you to David J. Howe and Stephen James Walker at Telos Publishing for giving us this extremely exciting opportunity to revisit our beloved opus ten years later in order to bring you this fully REVISED, UPDATED and EXPANDED edition – with additional material, delicious new interviews, and plenty of thrills and chills - just in time for the 50th anniversary of The Rocky Horror Show.

Let’s do the Time Warp again.

Order your copy now at Telos Publishing: starClick to pre-orderstar

Happy birthday, Rocky. With all our love,
Rob Bagnall & Phil Barden (2023)"

Here's my little add-on review for the book.

I reviewed the original version of the book back in 2013 and you can read that review GOHERE.

Rob and Phil have done a wonderful job of expanding on their previous work to bring us up to date for the fiftieth anniversary year of The Rocky Horror Show.

Rather that go through all the changes/updates I will just say that if you don't already own a copy of this book, buy one now! It really is an insightful, detailed and above all well written (with an obvious love of the subject) homage to Rocky Horror stage and screen over the past fifty years.

There are some new images added as well as lots more information covering the ten years since the publication of their first version of the book.

The new version is noticeably larger than the previous copy, coming in at 465 pages of Rocky knowledge and fun. Knowing Rob's sense of humour I also have to add the fact it's extra half inch in height means it only just fits into my bookcase next to the first version.

Highly Recommended!

Dave TimeWarpWebmaster - Thursday, July 20th, 2023

Below is the information published on the Telos web site about the book.

Born in a tiny attic theatre on a dark and stormy night in the summer of 1973, The Rocky Horror Show was an immediate hit with audiences and critics alike, and a much-needed shot in the arm for London’s jaded theatre scene.

Five decades on, Richard O’Brien’s hilarious cross-dressing tribute to trashy sci-fi B-movies, sexual liberation, gothic horror and rock ’n’ roll continues to pull in the crowds and attract legions of new fans, while the classic 1975 film version – the longest continually playing theatrical release in cinema history – generated an unparalleled cult following which took the concept of audience participation to unheard of levels of immersive engagement.

Exhaustively researched – and now fully REVISED, UPDATED and EXPANDED – this book chronicles the extraordinary history, continued evolution and enduring legacy of this immortal tale of an amoral transvestite scientist, extraterrestrial subterfuge, corruption of the innocent and the creation of life.

Incorporating a wealth of archival material, personal memories and interviews with contributors and participants from every era of Rocky Horror history, the authors explore the show’s origins and influences; the creation of the original London stage production; the numerous national and international revivals; the making of the movie; and the fanatical fishnet following which continues to define the Rocky Horror experience.

The initial run of this title will also include a 64 page full colour section of images and ephemera associated with Rocky Horror through the years. Curated by the authors, it’s an amazing trip through the time warp to see how the show has been presented and marketed around the world over the last fifty years.

‘An intelligent and lovingly told tale … I have found it to be a source of great pleasure’ Richard O’Brien speaking about the book.

‘A labour of love by the two authors, given the depth and breadth of knowledge contained within’ Charles Packer, Sci-Fi Online (10/10)

‘Superb‘ James Whittington, Horrorxtra

‘Fantastic book. Full of facts and information. A must for any Rocky fan.‘ Cathy, Amazon review

‘A VERY extensive book on the history of The Rocky Horror Show, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show … It contains little known facts and trivia, even for those who are very knowledgeable about the show/film. Check it out, and antici…pate great things!’ Alex, Amazon review

‘Informative, anecdotal and filled with a lot of love for Rocky, it’s perfect for any fan.’ L J Valentine, Goodreads

‘Beautifully researched and thoroughly entertaining. The book is full of droll anecdotes and witticisms, cleverly woven into a succinct and informative writing style. With as much (if not more) pastiche and cultural reference as it’s beloved subject, Still The Beast is Feeding is not so much a companion, but more of a frequent lover to all things Rocky Horror.‘ Kieran Kimberley, Goodreads

The original edition of this book covered Forty Years of Rocky Horror:
ISBN 978-1-84583-933-8 (pb)
First published 31 May 2013 – Now Out of Print.

This new edition:
510pp approx. 6×9 paperback book.
ISBN 978-1-84583-224-7 (pb)
First published May 2023

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