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(25th Anniversary Anthology)
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CDCD BoxWell it's here at last The Rocky Horror Picture Show (25th Anniversary Anthology) CD, the CD itself has no mention of being a 25th Anthology, but most of the online retailers and high street shops refer to it as such.

Well what do you get for your money? Quite a lot really, two CD's, a double sided 14" x 9.5"poster, a 14" x 9.5" double sided pull out booklet and one of the best slip cases for a Rocky CD ever. The cover has an embossed fishnet stocking design, very tactile and in a very nice reflective black gloss.
Disc Catalogue Number: (ESDCD908)

CD CD One, the Red disc has a selection of Rocky Horror Picture Show and original Rocky Roxy Cast songs, and also includes the Time Warp (1989 Mix), credited to Damian, and didn't we all just love what he did to the TimeWarp! This mix of Time Warp however is the version that uses the movie soundtrack and adds various samples to the track, Damian doesn't seem to sing at all on it. It has been released before and the easiest way I can describe it for those who may already have a version of the Time Warp is that it ends with Magenta (Pat Quinn) saying; 'Master....dinner is prepared'. The CD lists some of the tracks as "Original Rocky Horror Show Film" and others as "Original Film Soundtrack", but they seem to be one and the same thing.

CD One Track Listing

  1. Science Fiction Double Feature - Original Film Soundtrack
  2. Dammit Janet - Original Film Soundtrack
  3. Over at the Frankenstein Place - Tim Curry and the Original Roxy Cast
  4. Sweet Tranvestite - Tim Curry and the Original Roxy Cast
  5. The Time Warp - Original Film Soundtrack
  6. The Sword of Damocles - Original Rocky Horror Show Film
  7. I Can Make You A Man - Original Film Soundtrack
  8. Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul - Original Film Soundtrack
  9. I Can Make You A Man (Reprise) - Original Film Soundtrack
  10. Charles Atlas Song - Tim Curry and the Original Roxy Cast
  11. Whatever Happened To Saturday Night? - Tim Curry and the Original Roxy Cast
  12. Charles Atlas Song (Reprise) - Tim Curry and the Original Roxy Cast
  13. Touch A Touch A Touch Me - Original Film Soundtrack
  14. Once in a While - Tim Curry and the Original Roxy Cast
  15. Eddie - Original Film Soundtrack
  16. Planet Schmanet Janet - Tim Curry and the Original Roxy Cast
  17. Rose Tint My World - Original Film Soundtrack
  18. I'm Going Home - Tim Curry and the Original Roxy Cast
  19. Superheroes - Original Film Soundtrack
  20. Damian: The Time Warp (1989 Mix)

Playing Time: 67.08

CD CD Two, the Black disc is where the extras kick in. Listed as Frank 'N' Furter's Rare Experiments, the disc contains 28 tracks related to Rocky Horror. While there nothing new on the disc, it does make a nice collection of tracks. Think of it as a kind of 'Songs from the Vaults' for the 25th Anniversary. With Show Casts from around the world, this is a good insight into how Rocky translates around the globe. This disc also includes songs from Tim Curry and Little Nell, as well as a couple of tracks from Shock Treatment and the Rocky Horror radio commercials and Trailer.

CD Two Frank 'N' Furter's Rare Experiments Track Listing

  1. Mexican Cast - Un Relato Bien Extrano Y Muy Pasado (SF Double Feature)
  2. New Zealand Cast - Dammit Janet
  3. Norwegian Cast - Alltid Lys Hos Frankenstein (There's a Light)
  4. Original Rocky Horror Show Film - The Sword of Damocles
  5. New Zealand Cast - I Can Make You A Man
  6. Mexican Cast - Que Le Ha Pasado El Sabado? (Whatever Happened To......)
  7. Norwegian Cast - Muskellmann Sangen (Reprise) (I Can Make You A Man)
  8. Mexican Cast - Toca Toca Toca Toca (Touch A Touch A Touch Me)
  9. Original Rocky Horror Show Film - Once In A While (Barry Bostwick sings!)
  10. RHPS Audience Par-Tic-I-Pation Album - Eddie's Teddy
  11. Original Rocky Horror Show Film - Panet Schmanet Janet
  12. Australian Cast - Superheroes
  13. Mexican Cast - Un Relato (Science Fiction reprise)
  14. The Rocky Horror Movie Trailer
  15. Tim Curry - Baby Love
  16. Rocky Horror Radio Commercial (Riff Raff)
  17. Little Nell - See You 'Round Like A Record
  18. Rocky Horror Radio Commercial (Mouth you around the Belt)
  19. Tim Curry - Just 14
  20. Shock Treatment Cast - Denton U.S.A.
  21. Little Nell - Do The Swim
  22. Tim Curry - Biting My Nails
  23. Richard O'Brien - Shock Treatment
  24. Little Nell - Fever
  25. Tim Curry - We Went As Far As We Felt Like Going
  26. Shock Treatment Cast - Little Black Dress
  27. Little Nell - Beauty Queen
  28. The Laker Band - The Time Warp

Playing Time: 71.28

PosterPosterAlso included in the disc is a double-sided fold out poster with the "a different set of jaws' and the "He's the hero - that's right the hero!!" advertising images. The poster has a size of 14" x 9.5" which should look just right in an A3 clip frame with a piece of black card behind it. Also included is a small booklet (it folds out into a double sided page) with a brief history of Rocky throughout the years.

Rob's ReviewWednesday, 26th July, 2000
Well, I was in town today, and I came across (not literally) the new RHPS 25th Anniversary double CD. I snapped it up, of course, and looked forward, excitedly, to e-mailing TimeWarp about it, in a childish "I know somethin' you don't know" kind of a way. But, of course, when I sign on tonight, I find a special midweek update with the very news I was going to tell you. Of course, I'm grateful really. I'd hate to think that TimeWarp wasn't there with all the latest info. The package, as you pointed out, contains no new material, but it's beautifully put together, with a gorgeous cover, and a must for the collection. The track listings are a little sloppy (several misprints, refering to ROCKY HORROW (sic), and crediting Damian with the 1989 soundtrack remix, which he, thankfully, had sod all to do with), and the, otherwise well written, concise, and informative sleeve notes say that Dr. Scott is Eddie's father (hmm). Otherwise a lovely little piece of commemorative memorabilia, and I hope there will be many more as the year progresses toward Hallowe'en.

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