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GleeGlee for those of you not in the know is a USA tv show about a "Glee-club". Lots of nerdy kids that put on singing shows at their school.
Think Fame-lite.

Actually don't think Fame, after all that movie showed Rocky Horror fandom as it was at the time. Glee's take on the movie and show if this CD is anything to go by is a sugar-coated, brighter-than-white teeth, disneyesque version.

We should get the tv show sometime early in 2011 here in the UK and after hearing the CD I shudder to think what it will be like.

Seven tracks are presented and I will admit that five of them aren't too bad at all. What really gets me riled is they have changed the lyrics on both Sweet Transvestite and Toucha Toucha Touch Me. "Sensational Transylvania" instead of "Transexual Transylvania"! What the hell is that about? I cannot believe that they changed the lyrics in case anyone was offended. As several people on the forums pointed out you can show someone getting shot dead on Amercian daytime television but you can't use the word "Transexual"! Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Glee CDToucha Toucha Touch Me also gets the Thought-Police treatment with the lyrics changed from "I thought there's no use getting, into heavy petting - it only leads to trouble and seat wetting" to "I felt there's no use geting into heavy sweating - it only leads to trouble and and bad fretting". Idiots!

Now for the worst bit - Frank is cast as a woman. What are you thinking Glee? He's just a sweet transvestite, not she's just a sweet transvestite.

Shame really as the five other tracks are not too bad at all. It's like having a nice meal and the desert making you feel quite sick. Spoils the rest of the experience.

Funny enough the episode with Rocky Horror aired in the USA just as the Blu-ray was released, both being Fox owned of course. At least the audience participation picture-in-picture on the Blu-ray didn't feature the kids from Glee. To paraphrase Wednesday Addams - "May all thier old noses grow back."

Buy this only if you are a completist, or you find it for a quid in the bargain bins.

Final verdict: Glum.

Track listing:

  1. Science Fiction Double Feature
  2. Damn It, Janet
  3. Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?
  4. Sweet Transvestite
  5. Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me
  6. There's a Light (over at the Frankenstein Place)
  7. Time Warp

Glee the Music, The Rocky Horror Glee Show - Columbia records - 88697 79646 2

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