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Royal Court Brochure
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BrochureIn 2005 the Royal Court Theatre conducted a poll to find the People's Choice of favourite shows to celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2006. Up against many famous plays such as Look Back in Anger The Rocky Horror Show is the clear winner and to the delight of fans as there is a promise of the winner being performed once more at the Royal Court.

Rocky Horror Company and The Royal Court Theatre decide that instead of the normal show, the evening of 3rd May 2006 will be a special concert style event with tickets sold at a premium in aid of Amnesty International UK and the Royal Court Theatre. Richard rewrites the narration for the show and a cast of performers is put together from previous stars of the show and other amazing performers.

The cast for this one off show includes Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Little Nell and Rayner Bourton on stage for the first time in 33 years, joined by Anthony Head as well as original transylvanian's from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Christopher Biggins and doing the final Time Warp Perry Bedden. Sharing the role of Frank N Furter was Michael Ball and Toyah Wilcox, Kraig Thornber, Ade Edmondson, Sophie Lawrence, Robin Cousins, Steve Pemberton, Tony Slattery, Jamie Theakston, Amy Field, Gary Amers, Ben Richards, Joanne Farrell, Stephen Gately and Julian Littman made up the rest of the cast. Michael White, original producer of the show was also in the audience, along with Sue Blane and Kimi Wong.

BrochureShaun and Liz at Shaun Webb Design (with a little help from the fans) rounded up some original images for the brochure which sold for £10 each on the night. They made a great job of the publication and this is now quite a sought after Rocky collectable. The front and back covers were a copy of the original programme as designed by Richard O'Brien in 1973.

The brochure consisted of 20 pages (including the covers) printed in A4 on really good quality gloss paper.

The brochure features a couple of two page, in depth interviews. The first of these interviews is Richard O'Brien discussing the history of Rocky Horror, the other gives a little more background to Rocky from Harriet Cruickshank, Victoria Kingston and John Simpson from the Royal Court Theatre.

There a four pages of original images from the 1973 production as well as a reprint of W Stephen Gilbert's August 1973 review of The Rocky Horror Show from Plays and Players magazine (And a nice reprint of the cover with Richard as Riff Raff).

There is a page of the history of the Royal Court Theatre itself and couple of pages about Amnesty International with the following personal message from Richard O'Brien.

"I have regularly thanked providence for the luck of my being born in a democratic western civilisation. A place wher I am free to criticise all authority without incurring a swift visit from the thought police, although new anti-terrorist laws, either imposed or proposed, leave one feeling rather jittery of late as you wonder at the paradox of greater freedom apparently resulting from more a draconian policing policy.

All over the world there are kind, caring, generous fellow members of the family of mankind who are imprisoned, routinely brutalised and very often killed for voicing their opinions.
Who do I turn to?
Who will hear my voice?
Who will reach out?
Who will stand shoulder to shoulder with me?

Amnesty International is a light in the darkness of ALL our lives. It exists because without its presence we would become diminished. It exists because it has to.

We need Amnesty International and Amnesty International needs us."

The brochure rounds off with a list of the 2006 stage tour dates, a page of special thanks, one page of sponsors/adverts and another image of Richard promoting Amnesty International.

If you can find one, get one. Check out the Rocky Horror Company web site, as of Wednesday, March 14th, 2007 they still had a few for sale. If you are selling one on ebay, etc. and make a profit on the deal then to paraphrase Richard himself, give half your profits to Amnesty!

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