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Audience Participation CD
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CDAh, all those years ago when we were all young, 1983 to be exact, there was released to the world the Audience Par-Tic-I-Pation album. Recorded in the U.S.A. this album became the basis for many groups first talk-back lines. You can still spot the people who have listened to this album before going to a stage production, they are the ones that tend to shout "Where's your neck?" to the narrator, a line that has no meaning unless directed towards Charles Gray at a cinema showing!

The album spans two CD's and the movie is preceeded by a now famous introduction by Sal Piro, president of the Rocky Horror Picture Show fan club, based in the States. You then get the whole movie complete with the talk-back participation of the day. Every cast and audience adapt the lines for themselves, and topical issues tend to get talk-back of their own. The skeleton in the coffin always got the line "It's.......(whoever famous had died that week)" back at the Screen on Baker Street for instance.

Trivia fact: When the album was released on record (remember them, large 12" discs of vinyl), it came loaded with confetti inside the cover.

The CD comes with a very small fold out booklet, designed to look like the gate-fold cover of the vinyl albums. This CD is also available as part of the four CD Box set.

Playing Time: Disc One: 41.11 - Disc Two: 47.46 - Total: 88.57

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