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Jim Sharman
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Blood & TinselBlood & Tinsel - A memoir Jim Sharman charts the life (so far) of the original director of amongst other productions The Rocky Horror Show, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Shock Treatment,

The book is divided into three sections, Ringside, Dancing and Sarsparilla, each charting a particular section of his life.

The narrative does have a habit of jumping backwards and forwards in time, which at first glance can be a little difficult to follow. The end result is worth the effort as the book offers some amazing insights not only into our favourite cult show and movie, but also the history of theatre in Australia. As soon as you are comfortable with the style of the book, it proves to be a very rewarding read indeed.

Jim Sharman has led a varied and interesting life and it is this background that has undoubtedly contributed to his skill as a director. The first section of the book deals mainly with his family history and earliest years and you can see how he has been influenced by the events of those times. The second section is of more direct interest to Rocky Horror fans as it deals with the stage and movie productions, again offering some insights into the early years of the show. A final section deals with his later life and has some very poignant moments connected with his family.

As well as the great narrative the book features quite a few personal images as well as some photographs of the movie from Mick Rock.


Trivia Fact: On page 229 of the book Jim writes about The Rocky Horror Picture Show: "This original ending was thought too downbeat and was cut by the studio. Happily, it's been restored at the insistence of fans. Thanks, fans! The film doesn't make sense without it."
It was in 1992 when we ran the first Transylvania convention that Stephanie asked Fox if they could restore "Superheroes" in full as they were making us a nice new print and the movie had to be re-certificated. This was the first time complete prints were available once more in the UK.

Inside cover description:
"A dazzling memoir of passion and humour In Blood & Tinsel, Jim Sharman takes us on an epic personal journey from his colourful childhood in his father's boxing troupe to Tokyo, London, Berlin and Sydney via the international successes of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar. Whether recounting conversations with Lou Reed, giving us the inside story about Rocky Horror or describing a fateful meeting with Patrick White, Jim Sharman casts a brilliant story of the people and events that have shaped the times. Blood & Tinsel ranges from the rough and ready world of outback Australia in the fifties, where boxers and panto dames shared the stage, to the cultural explosions in which Sharman played a part. Blood & Tinsel is a remarkable story about Australia. It is also a moving tribute to a family legendary in the entertainment stakes."

Hardback - 404 pages

ISBN 978-0-522-85377-3 - The Miegunyah Press / Melbourne University Publishing Limited (15th August 2008)

Price at Monday, September 15th, 2008 £36.50

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