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Music and Songs from The Rocky Horror ShowSometimes you find a little gem at your local music shop, other times......

Music And Songs From The Rocky Horror Show is one of those weird CD's that isn't quite a cast recording. Robin Cousins sings the role of Frank, a role he actually played in the Rocky Horror Show in the West End in 1995 as well as on tour.

He is joined by Steve Butler as Brad and Cheryl Baker as Janet, as well as Nic Curtis as Riff Raff, Ken Barry as Eddie, Marion Davis, Tracey Miller and Gordon Lorenz. The musical direction, arrangements and production are all by Gordon Lorenz. Cover notes are by someone called "Matt Black" and writing "This recording contains all the best songs, sung by some of the best singers around today" shows he has a sense of humour at least.

Style wise it's a little bit like one of the Hanley productions, with some hints of the original production thrown in. Content wise, well I've certainly heard far better singing on all the songs, there is no real power or feeling in any of the tracks and some seem way off key. Probably the worst recording I've heard from a commercial product.

The cover artwork is a mystery in itself. I get the Lips, I get the Stilletto and the Spat on the Boot, I get the American Flag, I even get the Toast reference, but what the hell is the shot of a couple sitting on a park bench overlooking some flats? It reminds me of the view from Richmond Park in South London.

Overall a real novelty item, it's so bad it's good. One for the completists. Don't pay more than £3 for a copy and even then........

Track Listing.

  1. Science Fiction - Double Feature (3.43)
  2. Damn It, Janet (2.23)Music and Songs from The Rocky Horror Show
  3. Over At The Frankenstein Place (2.53)
  4. The Time Warp (3.00)
  5. Sweet Transvestite (3.11)
  6. I Can Make You A Man (1.39)
  7. Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul (2.16)
  8. I Can Make You A Man (Reprise) (1.25)
  9. Touch-A Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me (2.49)
  10. Eddie's Teddy (2.40)
  11. Planet Scmanet (sic) (2.53)
  12. Floor Show (5.31)
  13. I'm Going Home (2.40)
  14. Super Heroes (2.40)
  15. Science Fiction Double Feature (Reprise) (1.28)Total Playing Time: 40:59

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