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with a track from Richard O'Brien
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Chicken ShedNot a Rocky CD, but one produced to support the Chicken Shed Theatre, celebrating 30 years of inclusive theatre.

Richard like all the other stars of the recording donated all his royalties from the album to the Chicken Shed Trust.

All the songs were written by the Chicken Shed and each performer brought their own individual style to the recordings.

This isn't a CD to buy just because of Richard's contribution, it's a CD to buy to help a threatre group that has helped thousands of young (and not so young) people over the past thirty years realise their dreams and we are happy to include it here for that reason.

Available on Redemption Records disc no RRUK3

Track Listings
  1. Sir Cliff Richard - The End Of It
  2. Gabrielle - As Far As The Eye Can See
  3. Chicken Shed - I Am In Love With The World
  4. Emma Bunton - Sometimes
  5. Dmitry Sitkovstsky - Wedding Dance
  6. Sam Brown - Can I Love Him
  7. Bob Hoskins - Bits & Pieces
  8. Chicken Shed - Trail My Soul
  9. Richard O'Brien - Looking For Love
  10. Barbara Dickson - Will It Happen To Me
  11. "Elijah" Paula's Poem read by Kenneth Branagh
  12. Chicken Shed - First Love
  13. "Mad Little Sad Boy" Paula's Poem read by Kenneth Branagh
  14. Misty Oldland - Still Waters
  15. Elaine Paige - We Need Each Other
  16. "Dream A We Real Yew" Paula's Poem read by Kenneth Branagh

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