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with a bonus track for Rocky fans!
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The Dean St. SessionsDavid Bedella's album - The Dean St. Sessions is now available. "The bonus track for all The Rocky Horror Show fans that supported the show is really something special.". Richard O'Brien with David Bedella is what we would call something special! More on that later.

David chose the music on this album as quote "music that had a specific influence and bearing on my becoming a vocalist" and the tracks chosen do showcase his vocal talents to great effect.

It's hard to pigeon-hole the overall style of the album, but my main impression was the tracks would not have sounded out of place sung by the Rat-Pack (Frank, Dean, Sammy, etc.) of the sixties U.S. That's a compliment by the way!

The inclusion of an Amy Winehouse song - Love Is A Losing Game also gives the album a contemporary feel.

David Bedella - Richard O'BrienAs well as the ten audio tracks the CD also features a bonus video track of David singing I'm Going Home dueting with Richard O'Brien looking as fabulous as ever, I might add. This will play in a PC as it is encoded as an mp4 file (unless of course your CD/DVD player can play those too). There's a nice false start as well in this 4 minute 34 second video. With just a piano and brushed snare-drum this is a unique recording and possibly one of my favourite versions to date. A nice extra for the Rocky fans, thanks David!

Track listing
  1. All The Things You Are
  2. Lover Come Back
  3. Love Is A Losing Game
  4. One Day In Your Life
  5. Ninety Nine Miles from L.A.
  6. Right As The Rain
  7. God Give Me Strength
  8. And I Love You So
  9. Portrait Of My Love
  10. Y Volvere
  • Piano/Rhodes/Hammond/MD: Clive Dunstall
  • Drums/Percussion: Steve Vinter
  • Bass: Rob Reikenburg & Don RIchardson
  • Guitar: Adam Goldsmith
  • Trumpet: Tom Rees Roberts
  • Additional keyboards and overdubs: Ben Robbins
  • Executive Producer for Curtain Records: Nathan Amzi

CURTAIN RECORDSBuy a copy - click here to order from Curtain Records

Here is the official press release for the album and a cover image.


CDCurtain Records is proud to announce the debut album of stage, television and screen actor, David Bedella. Known to audiences as Satan in Jerry Springer The Opera, Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Show and Dr. Carlos in Holby City, David brings his velvety rich vocal skill to new heights in this diverse and sophisticated collection of music, The Dean St. Sessions.

The songs come from a wide range of times and places in Davidís musical history:

"I chose music firstly that I was passionate about, that I felt I had to sing, but secondly, music that had a specific influence and bearing on my becoming a vocalist."

"Each song is a song that either taught me how to sing through its original singer or whose singer first lit the fire in me to sing at all."

"I was still a kid when I first heard One Day In Your Life and 99 Miles From LA sung by the great Johnny Mathis. Lover Come Back To Me and Right As The Rain I heard by Streisand. These were singers with such inexhaustible range and control that they had me for the first time listening to the voice as much as the song."

"The romantic power of Matt Monro made Portrait Of My Love a must sing and of course no album is complete without some homage to the genius of Burt Bacharach, God, Give Me Strength."

David Bedella"There are also contemporary artists who I think are again, dramatically changing the way we experience the vocalist and who reignite my passion to listen to the voice and so I chose to include a song by Amy Winehouse, Love Is A Losing Game."

"Although some of the arrangements are set in the world of jazz we put a distinctive Latin flavour to several tracks as a sort of tribute to my Mexican origins and even included a song from one of Mexicoís greatest singers, Vikki Carr, Y Volvere."

"In the end our goal was to create an album that feels adult, that feels sophisticated, that feels good."

Many thanks to CURTAIN RECORDS for all the information and images.

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