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with a sample of Richard O'Brien
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The FleissBack in June 2005 we had an email from Glenn of The Fleiss who needed to get permission from Richard O'Brien to use a sample of him from the movie Relolution 1985 on his band's first release

We passed the message on and Richard gave them the go ahead to use the sample. Glenn also added one of Richard's favourite sayings to the CD cover "No army ever marched on high heels" as a thank you.

You can download a FREE MP3 of the song A Whore Called Renee with Richard's sample at the start from www.TheFleiss.com, the CD's and Vinyl is also available to buy there. The discs ship worldwide from the USA, so you've no excuse not to buy one today!

The tracks on the discs are I've Disappeared, When Mars Attacks and A Whore Called Renee Glenn himseld describes the tracks as "a punk/indie pop project" and we'd go along with that (although the punk aspect is more the American version than the music I grew up with).

VinylA Whore Called Renee is one of those songs that needs a couple of playings to get into, it also happens to be one of those songs that once you've got it in your head tends to stay there for the rest of the day. I've got to watch the singing out loud on the tube on that one!

As well as the CD the tracks are available on a collectors 7" clear vinyl disc (it's on a white background on my scan to the left).

Naughty Lyrics Advisory is writ large on the top of the CD/Vinyl, but hey Rocky Horror fans aren't going to be at all offended, there's worse language in the script of the show.

Thanks to Glenn at The Fleiss for the review copy and the discs he's sent us for competition prizes, etc. The Fliess deserve to make it big, and I'm looking forward to being able to name drop when they are.

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