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Frank 'N' Furter Doll
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FrankFrom Spencer Gifts (a Universal Studios Company, which is rather ironic!) in the U.S.A. comes yet another piece of licenced merchandise.

Limited to just(?) 30,000 the doll stands at 46cm (18 inches) high and comes complete with not only the classic green lab coat, but also the sparkly basque from the movie.

The fun doesn't stop there though, the doll also comes complete with a small recording of the chorus of the Time Warp built in! Press Frank's stomach to set the player going. Sampled direct from the movie the audio is surprisingly good considering the small size of the speaker. No jokes about people talking out of their arses please!

TattooBuild quality isn't too bad, with a nicely painted plastic head and plastic hands, legs and feet. The main body is a foam filled stitched affair and they have even included the "Boss" tattoo on his arm. Missing is the "4711" from the leg though.

To complete the package is a rather nice Time Warp instructions poster 80cm (32") x 70cm (27.5") and a small numbered certificate.

The box itself has a nice touch with a velcro fastened fold out flap with several images from the Rocky Horror Picture Show on, no new images though.

CertificateOur doll was twenty five dollars, and about the same to post it from the states. Stephanie has been in touch with Spencer Gifts, and at this time they have no plans to sell them wholesale in the UK. However many fans have reported seeing the dolls available in the UK. Spencers Gifts in Lakeside had a whole shelf-full and Bluewater shopping centre had a load at the start of August 2002, so have a look around and you might just be lucky enough to find one.

Dr. Frank N Furter
Horror Doll
Product code 698035
Spencer Gifts.
The image to the right is the Certificate supplied with the doll.

Frank Doll

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