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The Whole Gory Story - CD
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CDSo far I have seen two versions of this CD. although the music/dialogue content of these CD's is identical, the cover and booklet are changed for each. The cover on the left is from the Chrysalis version (CCD1811 - International No. CDP3218112) and features the design used for the Piccadilly Theatre posters. The disc itself is the 1990 Piccadilly cast recording and includes the full stage dialogue. Among the cast are the comedian, Adrian Edmondson as Brad and Jonathan Adams as the Narrator. Trivia Time: Most of the phantoms on this album went on to play major parts in future productions. Kate O'Sullivan later played Magenta, Stephen Thiebault played Riff Raff, Zalie Burrows played Janet and Paul Reeves played Brad.

Playing Time: 78.35

Inside BookletThe CD front cover is in fact a small booklet in both copies of the disc. 18 pages with 8 photographs for the Chrysalis CD and 14 pages with 4 photographs for the EMI version of the disc. Both booklets feature all the lyrics for the songs, but no script for the spoken dialogue.

CDThis is the other version of the CD cover from the EMI Music For Pleasure version (CD-MFP 5977 Int. 0946 3 2181121). This disc lists the tracks as the Chrysalis disc with the addition of times for each track. This version of the CD does not list the cast, whereas the Chrysalis version does. The design work on the individual discs themselves is also different on each version.

Playing Time: 78.35

Cast Listing

  • Brad - Adrian Edmondson
  • Frank 'N' Furter - Tim McInnerny
  • Janet - Gina Bellman
  • Usherrette/Magenta - Mary Maddox
  • Columbia - Linda Davidson
  • The Narrator - Jonathan Adams
  • Riff Raff - Edward Tudor-Pole
  • Eddie/Dr.Scott - Gordon Kennedy
  • Rocky - Adma Caine
  • Phantom - Zalie Burrows
  • Phantom - Ian Good
  • Phantom - Kate O'Sullivan
  • Phantom - Paul Reeves
  • Phantom - Stephen Thiebault

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