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James Harding - 1987
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Printed in 1987, just a year before the birth of TimeWarp Fan Club, James Harding's book is a great reference to the early years of The Rocky Horror Show in the United Kingdom.

From the first production at the Theatre Upstairs in June 1973 the book charts Rocky's progression up to the Hanley tours of the late nineteen eighties. There are many images from both the early production and the book also includes some details of the Australian, New Zealand and Japanese productions of the show.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Shock Treatment are also covered, but not in the kind of in-depth way that say Bill Henkin's book offers. There is also mention of the Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club, based in the USA, but my favourite remark is "England can offer nothing like the systematically organized American fan club inspired by the film", ah James if you could only have seen what a year into the future was to bring. TimeWarp has being going strong since August 1988.

The coverage of the early shows and the general style of the book is excellent, of all the "Rocky" books I have in my collection this is still by far a favourite choice. I particularly like the sections on the stars of the first production. Nell Campbell, Richard O'Brien and Rayner Bourton's sections are very interesting (but of course now dated).

8" x 10" in size and 103 pages packed with useful information, this is a great collectors item as the book is no longer in print. For me the book has a special meaning as it covers the Hanley tour, the first tour of Rocky I ever followed around the country.

ISBN 0 283 99388 X - Sidgewick & Jackson

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