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Original (London) Cast
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CDThis is the CD of the Theatre Upstairs production of The Rocky Horror Show. The Theatre Upstairs was Rocky's birthplace, a small fifty seat theatre at the Royal Court Theatre and this is the first album recorded of the production. The album was Produced by Jonathan King and took just a day of recording at Sarm Studios, this helped give it the feel of what was at the time a very early time in the life of our favourite musical. A unique insight.

This is the one disc every Rocky fan should own.

Playing Time: 37.14

Cast Listing
Tim Curry as Frank 'N' Furter
Jonathan Adams as the Narrator
Patricia Quinn - Usherette/Magenta
Richard O'brien - Riff Raff
Belinda Sinclair - Janet
Christopher Malcolm - brad
Little Nell - Columbia
Rayner Bourton - Rocky
Paddy O'Hagan - Eddie/Dr.Scott

Production Credits
Director - Jim Sharman
Producer - Michael White
Arranger - Richard Hartley
Produced for record by - Jonathan King
Piano and Organ - Richard Hartley
Guitar, Electric & Acoustic - Count Iain Blair
Drums - Martin Fitzgibbon
Bass Guitar - Dennis Cowan
Saxaphone - Phil Kenzie

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