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musical highlights?Every now and then you find something new advertised on Amazon. Musical Highlights from the Rocky Horror Show and Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of those titles that you feel you should check out. It's when you've bought your copy you wish you hadn't spent the money.

Not the original soundtrack is printed on the back of the CD and boy do they mean it. The performers are listed as The Musical Stage Company, there are no individual credits for any artiste and it is easy to see why.

The songs are sung with no real commitment, it seems they are just going through the motions. The singer recreating Patricia Quinn's role of Magenta attempts an impression of Patricia for the Time Warp which just makes the track worse. The Frank seems to have based his singing on Tim McInnerny's recording for some songs and Tim Curry's for others and there is no power to the character at all. Sorry if this all sounds very negative, but listening to this CD is like listening to an amateur production of a classic musical. There are also some key songs missing, how can you have a RHPS CD withour Wild and Untamed Thing?

CDNot recommended exept for those completists out there.

Track listing:
  1. Science Fiction/Double Feature (sic)
  2. Over At The Frankenstein Place
  3. The Time Warp
  4. Sweet Transvestite
  5. I can Make You A Man
  6. What Ever Happened To Saturday Night aka Hot Patootie (Bless My Soul)
  7. Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me
  8. Rose Tint My World
  9. Don't Dream It Be It
  10. I'm Going Home

From Delta Entertainment Corporation, LA. Laserlight label ref 32 684

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