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Props for the movie
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Front and Back
Front and back views of the case, you also get a carry strap!

From Vital Toys, the people that brought you the 25th anniversary of the Rocky Horror Picture Show Action Figures, comes the Rocky Horror Picture Show Survival Kit.

This is basically the kind of props that you find in the average "prop bag" that performing casts have been selling for many years, but presented in a nice tin box with some authorized Rocky Horror Picture Show graphics. The whole thing is packaged in a cardboard box, again using RHPS images of Frank and the famous lips

The construction of the metal case is quite cheap, with the catch not always lining up on some of the cases we have seen. It is also made of fairly lightweight tin, so could get easily damaged should you ever actually take it to a show. This item is more aimed at collectors than fans that would use the items. We have seen the kit on sale in the UK for between ten to fifteen pounds, quite a lot of money really for what you get.

ContentsIn the case are the following items; a small bag of rice (marked "Not to be eaten"!!), a glow stick (break for instant light, but only once), a plastic hot dog and piece of plastic toast, a large sheet of paper (for the rain scene), a small water pistol (to make the rain), and a small roll of toilet paper (for the "Great Scott" line in the movie.....it's an American thing, they have a Scott's toilet paper over there.)

The kit was available in the UK, we found one in Tower Records in London. You can also order them from the Dark Refrains web site in America.

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