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Tony Head
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CD From the West End production of the Stage Show in 1991/92 comes this spin off four track CD by everyone's favourite Frank; Anthony Head.

The disc features three mixes of Sweet Transvestite; a normal mix, 'The Sausage Mix' and 'The Hot Dog' mix, plus a version of the TimeWarp.

The second mix features a fair amount of 'scratching' and a deep back beat, intended as a club mix perhaps?

The TimeWarp mix features Edward Tudor-Pole as Riff Raff, Linda Davidson as Columbia, Mary Maddox as Magenta and Jonathan Adams as the Narrattor.


    Track Listing
  • 1. Sweet Transvestite 3.34
  • 2. Sweet Transvestite (The Sausage Mix) 5.03
  • 3. Sweet Transvestite (Hot-Dog Mix) 3.33
  • 4. Sweet Transvestite 3.23
  • Total running time 15.33

The disc was released in 1991 on Chrysalis records CHSCD 3684 and is no longer listed on any of the major on-line sellers, you may track a copy down second hand, good hunting!

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