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Remixed - CD
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USA ArtworkTimeWarp 2000

Richard O'Brien has released a new version of the TimeWarp called TimeWarp2000. Already available in the USA (makes a change for us to get it last!) this new recording has a very techno version of our favourite number. As yet the UK artwork is not even available but we have got permission to put a sample of the CD onto the TimeWarp site.

Tracks on the CD
The Time Warp 2000
The Time Warp 2000 (Boys Extended Mix)
The Time Warp 2000 (Dub Mix)
Angel In Me

wav!TimeWarp 2000
Wav file
Size: 263KB
8bit Mono
24.34 seconds
© Richard O'brien/Medical Records 1999
used by TimeWarp Fan Club with full permission

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