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The Lab - UK Rocky Horror Stage Show Details
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Richard O'BrienRichard O'Brien began his showbiz career in 1965 when he rode a horse in the film Carry on Cowboy. Since then he has become known for his musical The Rocky Horror Show, his television cult-classic hit The Crystal Maze and his incredible matinee-idol good looks.

His album Absolute O'Brien was awarded five stars by Q magazine.

His Childcatcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the London Palladium was regarded by many to be a work of greatness.

Richard's Transfandango Ball is an annual event which raises money for The Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.

A bronze statue of Richard as Riff-Raff stands upon the site where he used to watch the late night double-feature in Hamilton, New Zealand. A teenage dreamer, he continues in much the same manner. We see no need to change him.

Richard played the Role of the Usherette for the Wimbledon 2007 tour dates.

Toby Anstis and Richard O'BrienThe cast were also joined on stage by radio disc jockey Toby Anstis at the end of the performance on Monday 16th April 2007.

Toby had been promoting the stage show on his radio show throughout the week.

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