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Royal Court Theatre - Wednesday 3rd May, 2006
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I'm Saffron Shearer-Gare and I was there and I can prove it! sitting in Balcony Seat A13

A13 Balcony ticketSaffron and Nell

"Highlights for me include...

-Tony proving that my memory of him as 'Best Frank Ever' wasn't just nostalgia!
- Finally getting a photo with Nell ( even though I was dressed as Magenta) after the show when she spent ages posing with fans which was lovely and very appreciated!
- Reminiscing with lovely Kraig Thornber about him doing Riff in crutches in Northampton ...then being told that was 14 years ago!!
- Pat Quinn crying and cradling my face when I told her I was pregnant.
-The Holy Trinity Timewarping!!!!: D

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