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Aiden Bell : Riff Raff - Rocky Horror Show - Vienna

There are entrances and then there are Entrances.

Rather than just walk on, Aidan Bell recreated his role as Riff-Raff and sang a live version of the TimeWarp with the audience on their feet dancing and signing along. The audience were keen to ask Aidan about his experiences of Rocky Horror in the UK and Austria.

Griffin(Audience) "How did the audience in Vienna differ from the UK?"
(Aiden) "They were much more sedate, they tended to sit rather still through the show, but at the end they were clapping and cheering. One day we did have some true Rockyites and the Narrator couldn't cope with it, he came out of character and said 'If you don't keep quiet I'll call the police'. It's a different approach to the show."

Griffin(Audience) "Who's idea was it to have Ralph and Betty's wedding outside the theatre in Vienna?"
(Aiden) "That was an idea of the Director. The show was sponsored by MacDonald's, they built a tent outside the theatre where we had the wedding of Betty and Ralph and then we all paraded into the theatre and onto the stage and started the production proper. It was a shame there was only a limited amount of space in the tent, not everyone could see the wedding ceremony."

Griffin(Audience) "What was your first experience of Rocky Horror?"
(Aiden) "Well actually it was during the Hanley tour, I was working one of the followspots!"

For an encore Aidan sang the TimeWarp again joined by his sister Diana, a Magenta and a Columbia from the audience and even Davy even got to sing!

Aidan's version of the TimeWarp is available on CD from PUP code CD61 047

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