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Anthony Head : Frank 'N' Furter: The Rocky Horror Show Piccadilly Cast (West End & Tour)

Anthony Image ©TimeWarp/Transylvania 1992Anthony Head is still regarded as one of the best Frank 'N' Furter's ever by many Rocky Horror fans. His appearance at the Convention was met with one of the biggest rounds of applause of the whole day.

At the time Anthony played Frank he was best known in the UK as the guy in the Gold Blend coffee advertisement on TV. This was a series of adverts with an on-going will they/won't they? theme, in fact one of the first questions to Anthony was "Will the guy in the Gold Blend adverts ever get a shag?"

Anthony is also known the world over for his role of 'Giles' in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you've ever wondered why he goes by the name of Anthony Stewart Head in the USA it's due to the fact there is already (a little known) actor in the US by the name of Anthony Head.

Anthony also very kindly presented the prizes for the Costume Contest winners, there are some pictures of this on the 1992 Winners Page.

Anthony spent forty minutes answering a range of questions from the audience before handing out the winners prizes, a few excerpts are reproduced here.

Griffin(Audience) "What was your families first response when they found out you were playing Frank?"
(Tony) "My girlfriend loved it she thought it was great. I came back (home) one day when we were rehearsing and I brought back a pair of practice shoes, they were only three inch heels. I was cleaning up the flat one day and I thought this is an opportunity to slip on me slingbacks. And she came into the bedroom and caught me looking furtive doing the hoovering. And she said why are you looking so furtive and I appeared from behind the bed in my heels. She was a bit worried..................but we put her mind at rest."

Griffin(Audience) "What was the worst heckle you've ever had to deal with at the Piccadilly?"
(Tony) "There was two rows of sailors, came in one night and I think they got the wrong show......they were about five rows back and it was just 'Huuuurh', there was no way through!"

Griffin(Audience) "Is there any other part you'd like to play?"
(Tony) "I've seldom found something as fulfilling as Frank. It was very exciting doing all that audience response thing, it kept you on your toes, there was a real buzz. When they first told me that I was going to have to do it I was sh**ing bricks, but once I got out there and felt how warm it was it was like having a very nice shower.......with a lot of very nice friends. Thank f**k no one ever threw anything!"

Anthony Head's acting credits up to the time of 1992 Convention
Danton's Death
Henry V
Julius Caesar
Rosencrantz & Guildernstein
Prince of Homburg
Patriot For Me
Anatol In Love
Lady Wildermere's Fan
Around the World in 80 Days
The Rocky Horror Show
The Heiress

National Theatre
Shaftesbury Theatre
Ludlow Festival
Gate Theatre
Young Vic
National Theatre
Chichester & Los Angeles
National Theatre
Prince Edward Theatre
Theatre Clwyd
Bristol Old Vic
Piccadilly Theatre
Churchill Theatre & Tour
Enemy at the Door
The Mallens
Secret Army
Love in a Cold Climate
The Grudge Fight
Eden End
Cats Eyes
Howards Way
Les Girls
Zero Option
Hard Cases

Comic Strip
Central TV
Central TV
Central TV
Lady Chatterley's Lover
Prayer for the Dying
Devils Hill

dir. Mike Hodges
dir. Mike Hodges
dir. Mike Hodges

Anthony also recorded a version of 'Sweet Transvestite' on the Chrysalis Label CHSCD 3684 - International Number 3236842. His twelve inch vinyl picture disc is also quite impressive!

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