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Christopher Biggins, Perry Bedden, Stephen Calcutt
Transylvanians - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Christopher, Perry and StephenWe also had several guests from the Rocky Horror Picture show with us at Transylvania 1999.

The first three Transylvanians joined us just after lunch. We were honoured to have with us Christopher Biggins, Perry Bedden (who also appears in Shock Treatment and had played Riff on stage many times) and Stephen Calcutt. This was the first time they had all attended a Rocky Horror convention together and they were great guests for many of the fans that had watched them on screen hundreds of times.

Griffin(Audience) "Do any of you put on Stockings nowadays?"
(Christopher Biggins) "Actually I do, well tights anyway. For Pantomime each year. I have good legs, we should have a good leg competition." (At which stage Stephen decides to show us his legs.)

Stephen shows us his legsChrispher drops his pantsStephen decided to kick off the best legs competition by rolling up his trousers.

Not to be out done, Mr Biggins promptly drops his in front of 500 people!

Much cheering from the crowd and Christopher Biggins wins the first ever "RHPS Show Us Your Legs" regional final!

Griffin(Audience) "Is it true that the cast of RHPS had an easter egg hunt on the set of the movie?"
(Christopher Biggins) "Not that we remember, why would we have easter eggs when we filmed in the autumn/winter?"
(Stephen Calcutt) "We did have a wonderful time making the movie though, it was like a three month long party, even though it was freezing."

Griffin(Audience) "How did you all decide how you would play the characters?"
(Christopher Biggins) "We were all chosen for how we looked, it was that image that we brought to the characters."

Perry BeddenGriffin(Audience) "A question for Perry, what was it like playing Riff Raff and Frank on stage?"
(Perry Bedden) "Well Riff Raff took up a lot of my life, I played the part in from 1976 to when I finished in 1982 in Australia. I remember the first time I played Frank on this small stage. I turned to face the audience, slipped and fell into the orchestra pit. But as they say the show must go on and I carried on despite injuring my back and some ribs."

Griffin(Audience) "Did any of you keep anything from the movie?"
(Stephen Calcutt) "I have my original costume from the wedding scene as well as a photograph Barry Bostwick took on the set and sent to me one Christmas."
(Perry Bedden) "I had the suit from the wedding scene, but I threw it out recently. (gasps of No! from the audience)"
(Christopher Biggins) "I haven't kept anything."

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