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Howard Samuels : Frank 'N' Furter Rocky Horror Show - Tour 1994

Howard had taken over the role of Frank 'N' Furter just five weeks before the Convention and very kindly agreed to attend then event at short notice. He had previously played Frank in Hungary and Vienna. He answered many questions from the audience, a few of which are printed here.

Griffin(Audience) "How you walk in those high heels at the end of the show and have you ever fallen off them?"
(Howard) "Will-power.
I've never fallen off the heels but in Hungary I did fall off the top platform before 'Sweet Transvestite'. There was a tall ladder you had to climb up to get to the platform and there was no-one holding it. One show it flipped over as I was climbing it and I just flew down like Batman as the cape flew out. By the time I got on stage I looked like I had a gang-bang!"

Griffin(Audience) "Have you always been able to deal with talk-back lines?"
(Howard) "Here it's been hard with everyone shouting, but as the show progresses it gets easier. My favourite talk-back is from Hungary, before the line 'It's not easy having a good time, even smiling makes my face ache' they used to shout 'Frankie, do your Jewish mother' before the line 'all my children turn on me', that really used to make me laugh."

Griffin(Audience) "Where do you get your inspiration for Frank?"
(Howard) "It's that mix, there is the psychotic but there's also that other side and that's what makes it exciting. He's a bit mad, it's the drugs, he's a drug crazed scientist."

Griffin(Audience) "I know Frank is the best role, but isthere any other part you'd like to play?"
(Howard) "No, it's the part I just think is incredible."

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