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attendees 1992
A couple of Fans prepare
to party at Transylvania 1992
Japanese Fans at 1992 Convention
The Japanese Fan Club
at their dealers table.
After the Convention
The task of packing away all the technical
equipment started as soon as the fans had
all gone to bed (some to sleep).

(right) Gillian Christie (Committee member)
and a friend pose in the 'Green Room'
backstage at the 1992 Convention. >>
Gillian and a friend
Steve and friend 1992
Steven Edwards (Committee member 1994) starts
his relationship with the Griffin, late October 1992.
Pictures without the clothes are also available,
although we don't know if there are any of Steve.
Dave introduces Mephistopheles Smith ©TimeWarp/Transylvania 1992
Dave introduces Mephistopheles Smith to 800
screaming Rocky Horror Fans.
Yes, those are my real legs, I've not
had to resort to 'Photoshop' just yet!

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1992 Pre-Shows
As well as having the biggest screen in the Country for our showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Transylvania '92 also saw the last performances of several members of the original group of 'Charming Underclothes'. Gia Millinovich and her husband at the time Paul Garner, two of the founder members of the cast, were performing for the last time.

From the original Baker Street group there was only Gia, Paul, Sabsy, Stephanie and myself remaining. Gia and Paul wanted to retire on a high note and the Convention seemed the obvious choice.

Paul as Riff ©TimeWarp/Transylvania 1992Singin' in the Rain
Paul had played Riff Raff for four years, bringing a unique interpretation to the character that many of us still regard as the best in the UK, his wonderful rendition of Singin' in the Rain, complete with wet Janet and Brad, was greeted with loud applause and remains a highlite of the evening.

The Swim Image ©Transylvania/TimeWarp 1992

The Swim
This Little Nell song was performed by Mike Gardner, Sam Dewes and Tony Fitz-Gibbon (Tony was also retiring that night).

Once in a While
Mike Gardner as Brad ©TimeWarp/Transylvania 1992This is the song 'missing' from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, many of the attendeesGill and Dave ©TimeWarp/Transylvania 1992 from abroad had not seen this performed in a Stage production and we thought it would be nice to let them see what they'd been missing.

It also gave Gillian and myself the chance to dress in skimpy nurses outfits and make a spotlight entrance in the corner of the stage. (strange but true coincidence - after the preshow, the UK touring production of Rocky Horror used blond wigs on their nurses too.)

Brad was performed by Mike Gardner with so much enthusiasm that a few people asked if he'd really been singing the number (the lack of a microphone was a clue).

Sal Piro
Sal at the Cinema ©TimeWarp/Transylvania 1992Sal had very kindly agreed to perform a Virgin Sacrifice at the cinema and to introduce the film. He also brought along a film of the 10th Anniversary Convention which was shown before 'Rocky'. Amazingly enough, we managed to find a few Virgins in the audience, who were then given the biggest 'F**K YOU' ever seen in the UK! Sabsy as the Usherette ©TimeWarp/Transylvania 1992

It seemed only fitting that Sal started the film with his famous Give me an R....... Give me an O........... and 800 people shouting back in perfect unison....ROCKY!!

The one & only Sabsy >>
Sabsy as the Usherette at the Cinema showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, as the screen was so big even the outsized props that looked huge at Baker Street seemed tiny. Sabsy retired from performing in 1994 and is best remembered for her ability to perform in character regardless of the amount of Vodka available (or indeed consumed) at the time. We've seen Sabsy in 2003 and she looks just the same!

All text and images © TimeWarp/Transylvania 1992 onwards. Transylvania name and Griffin Logo © TimeWarp 1992 onwards.

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