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Kate O'Sullivan : Magenta, Usherette and Phantom: The Rocky Horror Show

Kate Image ©TimeWarp/Transylvania 1992Kate and Zalie appeared together in the UK touring production of The Rocky Horror Show.

They kindly took part in a joint question and answer session at the Convention as well as singing a couple of lines of a song from the sequel to RHPS.

Griffin(Audience) "Did any Audience Participation ever put you off and if so what was it?"
(Kate) "A can of 'Tennents' Leeds. Michael Rennie was ill...... DONK!"

GriffinAt the end of the question and answers:
(Kate) "Do we get a prize?" (Nik) "A Sandwich"
(Kate) "Cheapskate!"

Kate O'Sullivan's acting credits up to the time of 1992 Convention
The Rocky Horror Show
The Importance of Being Earnest
Living Hell
Wish You Weren't Here
Three Women
Robinson Crusoe
La Vie Parisienne
This Happy Breed
The Investigaton
The Wizard of Oz
The Roman Actor

Piccadilly Theatre
Whitehall Theatre
Playhouse, Epsom
Rose Theatre, Fulham
Pentameters Theatre
Yvonne Arnaud Theatre
Ashcroft Theatre
dir. Christopher Renshaw
dir. Jonathan Myerson
dir. Vladimir Mirodan
dir. Marie Hayward-Segal
dir. Dick Ray
dir. Christopher Fettes
An Actor's Life
Joan Collins Series

From the Land Where Man.....
Dead Cat
Ave Maria
The Kiss

Southern Arts Council
dir. Derek Jarman
National Film School
National Film School
dir. Peter Nicholson

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