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Kraig Thornber : Riff Raff - Rocky Horror Show West End & Tour 1994

Kraig ThornberAlso taking time out from the 1994 tour was Kraig Thornber.

He kindly came down to the Convention to take part in a Guest Forum and sign a few hundred autographs.

Griffin(Audience) "Who did you enjoy being whipped by more...Howard (Samuels) or Jonathan (Morris)?"
(Kraig) "Well Jonathan was certainly much more vicious and seeing as I like it hard I'd say......Jonathan"

Griffin(Audience) "What was your favourite audience response?"
(Kraig) "It was the answer to Riff-Raff's line I think you'd better both....and some one shouted: F*** Off."

Griffin(Audience) "Which other character would you like to play?"
(Kraig) "It would have to be Frank 'N' Furter, but only because he gets to wear such fabulous costumes."

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