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Mephistopheles Smith : A Horny Little Devil

Mephistopheles Smith Image ©TimeWarp/Transylvania 1992Mephistopheles Smith perfroms "Disgracefully Yours"

We were hoping to have Richard O'Brien at the Transylvania '92 Cinema showing, instead we witnessed the first appearance of a certain horny little devil.

Mephistopheles Smith explained to the audience what had happened:
"I'm here standing in for Richard O'Brien, the very lovely and talented Richard O'Brien. Who unfortunately can't be here tonight. He was going to be here tonight but he was getting himself dressed and he slipped into a little something that was rather revealing and consequently he couldn't tear himself away from the mirror, so here I am."

The audience were then treated to the world premier of the songs:
Disgracefully Yours, Incubus of Love and Dick of Death

Mephistopheles Smith Image ©TimeWarp/Transylvania 1992Play SoundI'm not interested in your souls.....I've been maligned for countless thousands of years as a soul grabber, I don't want anybody's souls........ now your bodies, YES!

Griffin (Mephistopheles) "Do we have a Dick in the audience?"
(Audience) "Yes!"
(Mephistopheles) "No, a bigger Dick than you dear!"

Play SoundHave a lovely evening, I might pop up and see some of you later on!

Mephistopheles Smith sings Dick of Death >>>

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