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Patricia Quinn : Magenta: The Rocky Horror Show / Picture Show

Patricia Quinn Image ©TimeWarp/Transylvania 1994Patricia Quinn was starring in the touring production of The Rocky Horror Show at the time of the 1994 Convention.

Along with several of the company she took the time out to attend the Convention, answering many questions from the hundreds of attendees, before heading back to Reading to perform her role twice that same evening.

Patricia is always one of our favourite guests at the Transylvania events and this time around she said she really enjoyed the questions from the attendees.

Griffin(Audience) "Have you changed your character from the first shows?"
(Patricia) "No, I thought I'd got it right."

Griffin(Audience) "How did you come back to the part?"
(Patricia) "Chris Malcolm phoned me up and asked me to join the cast. This is the first touring production I've ever been in."

Griffin(Audience) "Why do you think Shock Treatment hasn't taken off as well as Rocky?"
(Patricia) "I think it's because there's not enough sex in it."

Griffin(Audience) "How did you react when you saw the film for the first time?"
(Patricia) "The audience didn't like it much and they all complained that it wasn't as good as the play, but I thought it was wonderful, I still do."

It's good to talkHalf way through Patricia's interview a mobile telephone began to ring. Rather than just quickly switch it off the owner, sat in the middle of the front row, decided it would be a good idea to answer it. Big Mistake.

Dave leapt hobled off the stage and grabed the phone from the young lady in question and proceeded to ask the caller who they were.

The young lady's mother then got the chance to talk live to Patricia Quinn at the Convention, much to the amusement of everyone else in the room. It should be noted however that no-one else dared bring a mobile into the Convention for the rest of the day. Never mind the internet, could this have been the first interactive Convention?

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