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Peter Gallagher : Eddie/Dr.Scott: The Rocky Horror Show - West End & Tour
Joanne Redman : Columbia: The Rocky Horror Show - West End & Tour

From the touring production of The Rocky Horror Show we had the wonderful Joanne Redman and the very tall, and equally as wonderful, Peter Gallagher.

It seemed fitting to have Eddie and Columbia together on stage at the Convention and the audience were keen to ask the duo questions.

Griffin(Audience) "Was your performance influenced by the movie version of Rocky Horror?"
(Joanne) "I watched the film so many times before rehearsals, and pinched as much off it as I could, but things evolve and become your own as you perform eight times a week."

Griffin(Audience) "Would you like to play any other characters?"
(Peter) "I was cast as Frank for the European tour, but I turned it down, as I'd just been in several television programmes in the U.K. and didn't want to leave the country for six months."

Griffin(Audience) "Do you prefer Eddie or Dr.Scott as a character?"
(Peter) "I thought I'd love Eddie and have a bit of trouble with Scotty, and in fact Scotty is the nicest old git you've ever met in your life, he's a great guy to play. Eddie for all that he's fun jumps out of a fridge, gets chopped up and gets off again. You don't really have time to develop a character when all you've got is two and a half minutes."

Griffin(Audience) "Did any audience participation ever put you off?"
(Peter) "The only thing that puts you off is when someone shouts F**K OFF. You're in the middle of a line and someone goes F**K OFF and you think what, why? The lines I love are the clever ones such as Where do you buy your dope" (Columbia).

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