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Rayner Bourton : Rocky - The Original Rocky Horror Show

Rocky Rocky Rocky!!!To a shout of "Give Me an R.......Give Me an O.......Give Me an C.......Give Me an K.......Give Me an Y.......Who Does That Spell?" we welcomed to his first ever convention the original 1973 stage show Rocky Horror himself Rayner Bourton!

Rayner steps on stage still with his orange juice from the green room >>>

Griffin(Rayner) "They told us the show would run for three weeks, with three weeks of rehearsalsa beforehand. Then it was extended another two weeks and then we moved theatre for what was going to be another twelve week run. I had previous commitments and had to leave the show five weeks after it transfered from the Thetre Upstairs. Looking back I do regret leaving the show then."

Griffin(Audience) "When did you first notice the Audience Participation?"
(Rayner) "I played Frank in Chelmsford some years ago, that was the first I saw of the audience getting really involved in the show, I think the show has now changed to the extent where the audience is something that goes a long way to the making of the legend that it now is."

Griffin(Audience) "Why did you sing the original Rocky songs so high (as in the cast album)?"
(Rayner) "I was not a singer as such and when I went for the audition for Rocky the only song I really knew was the Jimmy Osmond song "Long Haired Lover from Liverpool", and I sang that in the same pitch as Jimmy. When I was asked to sing Sword of Damocles I sang it in the same pitch and it stuck."

Griffin(Audience) "Would you like to revisit the role of Rocky, maybe as a special guest?"
(Rayner) "I think the show has changed so much. I saw the Jason Donovan production and I thought it was the AP that had really changed it. I wouldn't like to try to play Rocky again, but if anyone from casting is listening, I'd love to be invited to play the Narrator."

Griffin(Audience) "What do you think of the others that have played the role of Rocky, given that you were the first?"
(Rayner) "Very truthfully......Peter Hinwood was made to look a bit like a barbie doll in the film. Rocky has more substance than the film gives him credit for. I think after the movie a lot of productions were influenced by that and he suffered in other productions. I've often looked at actors playing Rocky and thought to myself they aren't allowed the opportunity to develop the character that I was."

Griffin(Audience) "You have to tell us the Glitter Story!"
(Rayner) "When we were performing the show I only had one costume change, from the glittery shorts to the finale costume. To help define my shape I would cover myself in oil and glitter to show the muscle outlines. Ouch!The glitter was made from powdered glass. We didn't have the same care taken of costumes as there is now and the outfit was covered in glitter from previous nights shows. Basicaly, on the Friday night show I got glitter where it shouldn't go and sliced then end of my penis. I awoke on the Saturday in the most pain I have ever been in my life. The show must go on as they say, so I tried cold baths, and even a cold shower before the show, the pain just got worse. We were meant to start the show at 10.30 and by 8.30 there was one member of the audience already there, Mick Jagger! We had to tell him that the show was cancelled as Rocky had something wrong with his cock. Mick's reply was 'Well haven't we all'. Worse was to come as the doctor decided that the swelling would have to be lanced (at this stage 200 guys at the convention, including the whole of the technical crew crossed their legs!). I still have the scars."

And on that rather painfull note, we thanked Rayner for attending the convention and giving us all an insight into Rocky's first steps.

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