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Richard O'Brien : Author of The Rocky Horror Show : Original Riff Raff in The Rocky Horror Show : Riff Raff, The Rocky Picture Horror Show

Richard O'Brien and StephanieAfter sending a replacement (by the name of Mephistopheles Smith) to our 1992 Convention we were able to have the man himself appear at the 1994 event.

Richard spent over forty five minutes answering a variety of questions from the audience, a few answers are reproduced below.

Richard remained on stage after his question and answer session to present the prizes for the fancy dress winners, you can see the winners names on their own page. He then spent over an hour and a half signing autographs for the hundreds of Convention attendees.

Griffin(Audience) "What happened to the movie props, the clock in particular?"
(Richard) "That clock that we had with the skeleton in it was the real thing. The skeleton was the husband of the woman who ordered the clock to be made. She got married again and her second husband also died and she had him put into a clock too. She ended up having a pair of these clocks made."

wav Griffin(Audience) "How do you keep yourself looking so young and sexy?"
(Richard) "It's down to three orgasms a day, so some of you are going to have to cut down."

Griffin(Audience) "Why was the running order of TimeWarp and Sweet Transvestitechanged from the play for the movie?"
(Richard) "It was Jim's idea for the movie, and now we do it in the stage as well. I've done that because it holds up Frank's entrance for another three minutes and adds a frisson of excitement that he's going to come on, you know as soon as the TimeWarp is over and the beat starts. I think that it's an improvement."

Griffin(Audience) "Is there one particular person you would like to play Frank?"
(Richard) "I always thought Freddie Mercury would have made a wonderful Frank, and I also thought that Alice Cooper might have done a good job of it."

Griffin(Audience) "Where did the idea for Rocky Horror come from?"
(Richard) "I wanted to write a musical that I wanted to be in. The thing I used to love about the old horror movies and the thing I don't like about the horror movies today is the old are invested with a tongue firmly in the cheek, a lot of wit and humour and at the same time some very fine corny acting from the likes of Vincent Price and others. There was just a wonderful feeling about them."

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