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Sal Piro : International RHPS Fan Club President

Sal Piro Image ©TimeWarp/Transylvania 1992Sal Piro is regarded by many people as the Rocky Horror Fan. As well as being the President of the International Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club, based in the USA, he is the author of 'Creatures of the Night' and 'Creatures of the Night II' the two books charting the history of Rocky Horror Fandom. Sal is also the co-author of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show Audience Participation Book'. There are fifteen pages in 'Creatures of the Night II' about the Transylvania Conventions.

Sal took part in a question and answer session and we also invited him to introduce the film at the Odeon Marble Arch and perform the biggest Virgin Sacrifice ever seen in the UK.

Sal also accompanied us and the winners of our registration draw to Oakley Court Hotel, the location used for the Castle in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We met up with Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn for a meal and a tour of the areas used in the filming. There is more information about this in the Competition Winners section of the Transylvania 1992 site.

As well as his Guest session and pre-shows, Sal also spent a lot of the day in the dealers room, where he had a Fan Club table. He was helped in this task by Kharyn Schaefer and Margo Barkdull, Kharyn later won herself a well deserved Griffin statue in the Costume Contest as the best Magenta (chosen by the world famous 'Who gets the most applause' method).

GriffinThis is one of my favourite quotes from Sal on the day:
"We can't judge what's bizarre as Rocky Horror makes the bizarre seem ordinary to us."

Sal's book 'Creatures of the Night II' was published by Stabur Press ISBN: 0-941613-75-5. It was also included in the 20th Anniversary NTSC Laser Disc Box Set.

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