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Sal Piro : International RHPS Fan Club President

SalWe were so glad to have Sal back with us for Transylvania 94. Many fans in the UK know of Sal from the Audience Participation album and enjoyed the chance to meet him and ask him some questions.

As well as answering many questions about Rocky and the origins of Audience Participation in the USA, Sal read out his list of "The Top Ten Reasons that you know you are an Obsessed Rocky Horror Fan"

Griffin1. Everytime you see John Major on TV you shout "I think we can do better than that".

Griffin2.You wear fishnets and suspenders under your school uniform, and you're the teacher.

Griffin3.You watch every cartoon on television hoping to hear Tim's voice.

Griffin4.Every Brad and Janet you meet for the rest of your life you call them Asshole and Slut.

Griffin5.You plan your wedding and you make sure that the minister looks like Tim Curry....and your wedding song is "Toucha, Toucha, Touch me, we're gonna get dirty!

Griffin6.You play the records so much that even your Gran knows all the words to the soundtrack.

Griffin7.Every time everyone says "OK" you slam your hand down wherever you are, even by a stove.

Griffin8.You forget your Mom and Dad's and Lover's birthday, but you have my birthday circled on your calendar.

Griffin9.You live on a diet of Rice, Coke and Hot dogs.

Griffin10.You name your children Frank, Brad, Janet and Eddie. You name your dogs Rocky and Scotty, you name your cats Columbia and Magenta, and you name your goldfish Ralph and Betty.

As well as answering many questions from the audience Sal also auctioned off some very rare Rocky Horror merchandise and kindly donated some of the proceeds to our Convention charity.

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