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Sal Piro President International Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club

Sal PiroSal once more flew over to attend our convention. He answered many questions from the fans and then held an auction of rare Rocky items (he kindly donated some of the proceeds to our convention charity).

Griffin(Audience) "Are fans in the USA as into the stage show as the film?"
(Sal) "That's a good question. In the US, the only successful production of Rocky on stage was the Roxy one at the start of it all. All the others tend not to even make it to the end of their planned runs. They're into the Roxy cast as it's Richard, Tim, etc. Their not really exposed to the stage show and we don't have the same thing as you have with your stage guests here today. Another thing is as we have more conventions in the US it's very rare to get the big stars at the events, other than the huge studio run ones like the 15th or 20th anniversaries.

The US conventions have costume competitions, preshows, etc. We don't have forums or autograph signings, it's totally different in the states. We don't get the same kind of conventions as you do. The fans are all the same, we all have the same love of Rocky."

Griffin(Audience) "Are the USA screenings of the movie still as popular as they were?"
(Sal) "Back in it's heyday it was 200-300 theatres Friday and Saturday, now it tends to be a 100 on a Saturday, but with the DVD releases, VH1 showings and things like that it has changed a little. But people still come back to Rocky and love it for many years. The first time I went to Rocky, some of you weren't even born, but maybe in 10-15 years your children will be going to it."

Griffin(Audience) "Are you going to write Creatures of the Night III?"
(Sal) "There has been a proposal to write a Creatures of the Night complete. Adding parts of the other books with updates to the 25th anniversary. We sold 8000 of the first book and 5000 of the second book, it was only sold in comic shops and mail order. I can't make any promises on Creatures III though."

Sal and Pat<<<Sal and Patricia in the green room at T99.

Sal then auctioned off items including selections of very rare Tim Curry photographs, records and brochures; Comic Books; Shock Treatment items; rare Timewarp single; signed cast programmes; Posters; Books and lots more.

He even auctioned off a copy of the poster from the Picture Show anniversary, the one with the barbie dolls that was withdrawn for copyright reasons.

Sal also stayed for the rest of the day and ran a dealers table at the event where he signed many autographs for the fans. Sal is always one of our favourite guests and we love having him at the events.

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