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Stephen Theibault : Riff Raff: Rocky Horror Show

Stephen has played the role of Riff Raff and had been a popular Guest at out 1992 Convention, we asked him to come for a second time and answers a few more questions and sign a few hundred more autographs.

Griffin(Audience) "What was your most memorable time from Rocky Horror?"
(Stephen) "It was a talk back line. Just after Riff had shown Brad and Janet into the castle someone shouted 'Who would live in a house like this' in perfect Lloyd Grossman voice."

Griffin(Audience) "Did you ever wear stockings and suspenders before Rocky?"
(Stephen) "No, but I wear them all the time now!"

Kate and Zalie were two of the most popular guests from the 1992 Convention and we received many requests for them to be asked to attend the 1994 event. They kindly agreed to be our guests once more and answer a few more questions from the audience.

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