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We once again ran costume contests throughout the day, with the grand final during the evening. One thing you always tend to find about the contests is that people just do not agree with the judges opinion, claiming bias towards stage or screen. Well we found a way of getting around that one! Apart from the fact that the rules stated the judges votes were final, and if you didn't accept it don't enter, our judges were also a very even mix of fans from both stage and screen productions.

Sue with prizeWe also had the wonderful Sue Blane herself as a judge. No convention had ever managed to get Sue as a guest before, let alone as their costume contest judge. Sue is seen here modelling the winners prize (Nik loves this picture by the way!). This year the winners each received a Transylvania Costume Contest winners engraved glass plaque. Each of the judges got one as well, as a special thankyou.

Our "others" section was so close that the judges decided a special mention should go to the girls dressed as the cheerleaders as they just lost out to Cosmo and Nation in the competition. By luck we had a couple of spare prizes available so they got to be joint winners after all. I should say that the standard of entries was very high indeed, and as far as we are concerned everyone that entered was a winner (and no you can't all have a prize!!!)

As well as the Costume contest there was also another round of the world-famous "Get Your Rocks Off" trivia quiz planned, however time ran out for us and it suffered a cut from the programme as intended. I did however get to throw away all but one question and all but one contestant. Larry Viezel answered the question (with a little help from about 300 people still in the hall at the time) and won not only the unique winners certificate, but the losers prize as well! If you guys had seen the amount of time I took setting up and testing the buzzer system, let alone writing fifty questions and making the prizes you would have cried too, oh well next time, eh(?!!!)

The full list of Judges for the Costume Contest
SUE BLANE - The Ultimate Costume judge!
Saffron Shearer-Gare - Costume Maker and Long Time Rocky Fan
Davy Orr - Committee Member and 'Tony Head - Frank' look-alike
Ruth Fink-Winter - Our International Judge and Costume List Compiler
Cathy Gardner - One of the most travelled Rocky fans in the U.K.

The Costume Competition Winners

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Winners Group Shot
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Frank 'N' Furter

Norman Forster
Click for Bigger Image
Riff Raff

Andy Boschier
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Rachel Sims
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Julien Dolard
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Lynda Richardson
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Barbara Wilson
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Chris Powell
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Rocky Horror

Robert Wells
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Dr. Scott

Sherri Timmermann
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Larry Viezel
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Layla McCay
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Jennie Sims
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Emma Taylor
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Sachiko Miyama
& Hiromi Takagi
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Mark Beck
& Jamie Froemming

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