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Zalie Burrow : Janet: The Rocky Horror Show

Zalie Image ©TimeWarp/Transylvania 1992As the innocent (well to start with) Janet, Zalie was one of the fans most popular performers. We were particularly pleased that both Zalie and Kate O'Sullivan were able to attend the Convention as they had toured in the Show together. It was decided on the day that they should share a question and answer session as many of the fans had seen them in the production together.

Zalie and Kate had also recorded backing vocals for the planned sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but even with several hundred people requesting they sing some of the lyrics we were unable to get a sneak preview. They did however let slip two of the song titles: 'Never Let Your Daughter Date an Alien' and 'Shores of Transylvania'.

The last we heard from Richard on the subject of a sequel was the project (sometimes known as 'Revenge of the Old Queen', or 'Rocky Horror Resurection') is still in the writing stage.

Zalie Burrow's acting credits up to the time of 1992 Convention
Rocky Horror Show
Rocky Horror Show
On The Town
Is Anybody There?
Mrs Wobble the Waitress
Sweet Charity
Tea in a China Cup
Dick Whittington
Merrilly We Roll Along

Plymouth and UK Tour
Piccadilly Theatre
Ashcroft Theatre and Tour
European Tour
Quicksilver Childrens Theatre
Quicksilver Tour
Guildford School of Acting
Guildford School of Acting
Guildford School of Acting
Guildford School of Acting
Guildford School of Acting
Seaside Story
dir. Kevin Brooks/Roger Lambert
Rocky Horror Picture Show II
Thief of London
Goodnight Mr Tom

Richard O'Brien/Richard Hartley
Steve Radeck
Gary Carpenter
Julia McKoen

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