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Richmond Theatre, 25th May 1998
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Happy Birthday Rocky Horror.

Rocky Horror was born on June 16th, 1973 at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs, London. The theatre held a maximum of sixty three audience members that night, which is a couple of hundred less than the number of people I've met who have claimed to have been there at that very first performance.

©DF/TimeWarpTwenty Five years later eight hundred and eighteen seats at the Richmond Theatre are occupied by die-hard fans, previous cast members and even the odd virgin or two. The 25th party night actually took place on Wednesday, 20th May with Richmond being the nearest venue to the location of the original performance.

Tim Curry played Frank 'N' Furter for that first performance, in 1998 the role was played with great gusto by Jason Donovan. Jason had played the part in Australia and has received rave reviews for his portrayal of Frank by both the press and fans alike during the current UK tour of the show. You can find more information about Jason on the Rocky Horror Company web site.

The current UK tour has four different narrators, depending on the venue. The birthday night show should have featured Victor Spinetti as the man with the book, but he was un-well and not able to attend. The role was instead taken by Michael Cashman, the first narrator on the tour. Michael has a great rapport with the audience and is hardly ever phased by the constant call back lines and insults that are shouted at him. We were also joined in the audience by the other two narrators: Nicholas Parsons and Ken Morley. Nicholas led a group of fans outside the theatre in an impromptu rendition of the 'Time Warp', the recording of which appeared on a couple of television programmes the very next morning.
Ken Morley found himself sitting in the second row of the stalls for the performance, behind a row of fans that will no doubt be hurling talk-back at him later in the tour. Stephanie managed to ask him what he'd thought of all the participation, his considered answer was "It's a mad house!"

Also in the audience were two actors that had played Frank 'N' Furter in previous productions of the stage show: Anthony head (guest at Transylvania 1992 and currently to be seen in the television series of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer') and Peter Blake.

Playing the role of Brad Majors in the original 1973 production was an actor by the name of Christopher Malcolm. In 1998 he is now the Director of the show for it's anniversary tour.

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Happy Birthday Rocky Horror.

Patricia QuinnIn 1973 the show opened with Patricia Quinn as the Usherette singing 'Science Fiction Double Feature'. For the twenty-fifth anniversary night the music began and two phantoms led a ghostly looking shape down the stairs (ghostly as in covered with a flowing white sheet!). The cover was pulled up to reveal..........Patricia Quinn. Patricia was greeted with cheers, screams and a huge round of applause from the audience before she once again sang the opening song to our favourite show.

At the end of the performance as the narrator sings the last verse of 'Superheroes' a figure dressed in a rather fetching silver dress jumped from the wings to sing the last line of the song. Richard O'Brien has never looked so silver in all the shows we've seen him in! Patricia Quinn then returned to sing the reprise of 'Science Fiction Double Feature' before the cast all took their bows, each dressed in a silver version of their costume.

©DF/TimeWarpRichard O'Brien then returned to the stage, carrying a small silver wrapped package which he threw out into the audience. One very lucky person is now the proud owner of a limited edition 'Rocky' birthday doll (and it's no good asking for one now, they've all gone).

Richard on stage with the prezzie, a Phantom, the wonderful Patricia Quinn and Jason Donovan, you see what I mean about that dress?

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Happy Birthday Rocky Horror.

©DF/TimeWarp Magenta and Riff Raff preparing to return to Transylvania.

We know for a fact that they were delayed as they joined Richard O'Brien and the rest of the cast as Richard led the audience in a final 'Time Warp' for the evening.

Many of the fans we spoke to agreed it had been one of the best performances of the tour so far and a fitting way to celebrate twenty five years of the worlds greatest rock and roll musical.

All was not over for the evening as the celebrations continued with the cast, crew and guests partying the night away at the Cobden Club in W11.

David Morgan reminded via the newsgroup that there was also an ice sculpture or two at the after show party with vodka flowing through it!!!!!! There always is when I'm the one that has to drive!

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Happy Birthday Rocky Horror.

Cast Listing
Patricia Quinn
Julie Covington
Christopher Malcolm
Jonathan Adams
Richard O'Brien
Patricia Quinn
Little Nell
Tim Curry
Raynor Burton
Paddy O'Hagan

Jim Sharman
Janet Weiss
Brad Majors
Riff Raff
Frank 'N' Furter
Rocky Horror
Eddie/Dr. Everett Scott
Patricia Quinn
Simona Morecroft
Stuart de la Mere
Michael Cashman
Georgie Hayes
Laurie Brett
Gael Johnson
Jason Donovan
Ross O'Hennessy
Mark White
Bekki Carpenter
Craig Giovanelli
Amanda Jane Manning
Nathan Taylor
Christopher Malcolm

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