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Memories of a Life in Special Effects and Film.
by Colin Chilvers and Aaron Lam
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Believing A Man Can Fly by Colin Chilvers and Aaron Lam

Colin Chilvers, along with Wally Veevers were the creators of the special effects for amongst many other films The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This book from Colin Chilvers and Aaron Lam features some behind the scenes information about those days.

From the publishers:


Believing a Man Can Fly: Memories of a Life in Special Effects and Film is the story of a mans journey from a modest childhood in England to the heights of Hollywood success.

At the 51st Academy Awards in 1979, Steve Martin presented Colin Chilvers with an Oscar for his work on the special effects of Superman:The Movie. That honor came after years of experience on such productions as 2001:A Space Odyssey, Battle of Britain and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. As well, he brought his special-effects expertise to such diverse productions as Tommy, X-Men and K-19:The Widowmaker.

From the director's chair, Colin orchestrated the Martian invasion in War of the Worlds and helped a young Clark Kent take flight in Superboy. He also directed Michael Jackson in the most ambitious music video ever produced - "Smooth Criminal."

Colin Chilvers will make you believe that a man can indeed fly!

For Rocky fans there are a couple of pages dedicated to Colin's work on the movie, with a few insights into how the effects were created.

The book is full of anectdotes and memories of Colin's life in film, from his special effects work to his directing of movies, music videos and commercials.

A large portion of the book concentrates on his work on the original Superman movie, hence the title, and there is a lot of fascinating information on how effects and scenes were created. Colin won a well deserved 'Oscar' for his work on the movie.

I loved the fact he also did the special effects for the movie Condorman, a totally silly spoof spy/superhero movie featuring Michael Crawford and the only movie I have ever watched in a cinema and then bought a ticket for the very next screening twenty minutes later.

I got my copy via Amazon and my copy was a 'Printed in Poland by Amazon Fulfillment' version. That might explain the sentence at the bottom of page 101 that didn't have an ending on page 102 as a new paragraph stated instead. Just a niggle, but I still want to know what that should have read.

Paperback version: 266 pages   227 x 152mm (9" x 6")

ISBN 9 781629 335179


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