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by Sal Piro
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CNIIThe sequel to Sal Piro's earlier 'Creatures of the Night' charts the period from 1990 to around 1995. This 12" x 8" paperback book (ISBN 0-941613-75-5) packs it's 160 pages with hundreds of photographs of Rocky fans from around the world.

For the one person in the world who doesn't know who Sal Piro is......he is the president of the International Rocky Horror Picture Show fan club in the U.S.A. He has seen the movie more times than anyone else I know and attended dozens of Conventions as the guest of honour around the world.

Sal is the ultimate fan, and this book is written with a real love of Rocky Horror. The book takes in the 15th anniversary of the film and even covers both the 1992 and 1994 Transylvania Conventions, run by us here at TimeWarp. There are sections about the Conventions in the USA and around the world as well as Performing Cast information and photographs from around the globe.

The book was included as part of the special Laser Disc anniversary edition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show released in the U.S.A. but is also available to buy on it's own.

Trivia time: there are twenty seven pictures taken by me in the book, and even scarier a picture of me in a nurses outfit (it's a stage show thing for all you Picture Show fans).

Overall the book gives a good insight into the fandom aspect of Rocky Horror, it is quite well balanced for information form around the world, although of course most cast information is about the U.S.A. casts (well that is where most of them are!). With the 25th anniversary coming up, many people are asking will there be a 'Creatures of the Night III'? (Yes, although it's not written by Sal this time around and it's already missed the 30th anniversary at time of this update Saturday, March 17th, 2007)

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