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Frank Celebriduck
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Updated News Sunday, October 26th, 2003 We are told that the Dr. Frankenfurter 1st editions are now sold out and second editions will be ready after Halloween... Slightly updated design with fetching red costume. We'll add more details as we get them.

Rob's ReviewQuack!When it comes to ROCKY HORROR memorabilia, I have to get my hands on everything I can (no matter how tacky, stupid, or over-priced), and so, despite my disbelief that anyone would produce a Frank-N-Furter rubber duck (or "safe non-toxic vinyl" duck, as is specified on the packaging), I knew I had to get my hands on one of these.

Celebriducks is an American company, which produces plastic likenesses of famous characters and celebs as "traditional" bath ducks. Their version of Dr. Frank-N-Furter comes in a transparent, soft plastic display box, with the famous ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW bloody font logo on the front.

His body is, as one might expect, that of a duck, but in a fetching black moulded plastic basque which goes all the way to his tail, and a string of pearls round his neck.

Though definitely duck-shaped, he has arms where his wings ought to be, complete with "Boss" tattoo, but no "4711", as rubber ducks don't have thighs. The face is quite obviously Frank, with a short beak ending in bright red lippy to form the famous Tim Curry pout, blue eye-shadow, and the black curly locks.

Quack QuackOK, this is mad. I mean it's merchandising gone crazy, but somehow the Celebriducks version of our beloved Dr. Frank-N-Furter is actually rather endearing.

It's certainly bizarre and different (which always works perfectly for ROCKY HORROR), and one of the oddest ROCKY related products I have come across, but personally I think that every true ROCKY fan's collection (not to mention their bathroom) should have one.

Rob Bagnall (March 2003)

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Click here to order a duck from the UK and Europe from the official suppliers MarkMakers.

Celebriducks USA web site - Click Here

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