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Released 2006
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The Rocky Horror Trivia Game is released to tie in with the 30th anniversary of The Rocky Horror Picture Show by USAopoly. It features 1,231 questions about 'the movie content, the stage and film productions and the careers of the stars' written by International Fan Club President and all round nice guy, Sal Piro.

Trivia GameThe game consists of 250 question and answer cards, a pad of 50 scorecards, a dice marked with the values 100-500 and a 'lips' symbol, and game instructions. It's all packaged in a nice 25.5cm x 25.5cm x 8cm (10" x 10" x 3") box. You could have fitted the contents into a box a quarter of the size, as there is a lot of plastic padding in the package, but you could also say that about most board games. The cards themselves are in their own little Rocky decorated box, a nice touch there as you could carry around just that little box, the scorecards and the dice quite easily.

The game is designed for either two players or two teams of players. Each team is given a scorecard and the questions are shuffled. The first team to reach 5,000 points are the winners. To start the player that can do the best impression of Frank (judged by all the other players) goes first, if it's a tie then the player that can do the best impression of another character of their choice goes first. It might have been easier if they'd just written the rules so the first player to role a 'lips' symbol starts play.

DicePlayers roll the dice which is marked with points values of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and a 'lips' symbol to determine the value of the question to be asked. If a player rolls a 'lips' symbol they can choose the value of the question to be asked themselves.

Another player then reads out the question on the points card of that value, if you answer correctly you gain that value of points and get to roll again. If you get the question incorrect then your turn ends and the player to the left is next to roll the dice. Some cards feature random actions to perform such as "Dance the Time Warp" for 200 points, after which your turn ends.

The player to reach 5,000 points first and answer a final question wins, the other players decide which of the questions on the next card drawn to ask as the final question. Get it wrong and your turn ends. When it is your turn again the other players again choose which final question to ask you.

Questions and AnswersThe questions are rich and varied, although biased towards America (not a bad thing and fully expected as audience participation was born and continues to thrive there) and should prove a good challenge to all but the most knowledgeable fans. Actually reading through all the cards it's nice to see familiar questions that you would find in ours and others competitions from over the years.

I like the fact that the box states "Ages 17+". Must be a weird USA law, as there is nothing in the questions that makes it an adult game as far as we're concerned, although we do have a suggestion to make it one further down the page.

Click to Download ScorecardsCollectors are likely to use their own score-sheets rather than use the ones in the game and with only fifty scorecards provided that only gives twenty five plays anyway. We created some scorecards on TimeWarp for our convention competitions, but never got around to using them. Click this link or the image to the right to download a pdf of our A4 scorecards if you want to save the ones in the game. Speaking of Conventions, I can also see the question cards being used at events for trivia contests in the future.

We've yet to see the game in the shops here in the UK, we imported some copies ourselves from the USA and gave away a couple of copies to the winners of our web site competition in September. Enter a competition to win the first copies of a game to reach the country, we liked the irony of that one ourselves. As soon as the game becomes more readily available here in the UK we'll post details here. If anyone spots a copy in the shops, let us know and we'll post that information here as well. The game retails at around twenty five dollars in the USA, around £14. Let's see what people want to charge here.

Hmm DrinkiesAnd now for those strictly over 18 we present the TimeWarp party version of the game.
Play as normal, but on getting a question incorrect, take a sip of your favourite alcoholic drink, continue until you a) reach the 5,000 points as in the original game or b) wake up the next day frantically trying to remember why you are sleeping in the bath. Drink sensibly!

The game is now released in the USA and you can order a copy from Getaholdofthis.com in the USA for around twenty five dollars. We hope to be able to add some more sellers, including UK dealers soon.

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