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CoverReprinted at last, the Rocky Horror Scrapbook, designed by Brian Thomson and with the Richard O'Brien Seal of Approval, this large sized, 48 page book features Press Cuttings and Black and White photographs from the early days of the Rocky Horror Show. The book covers the Royal Court and Kings Road Theatre productions, the Roxy and New York shows, as well as the first dates in Australia and Japan. Packed with clippings from Newspapers around the world the Scrapbook offers a unique insight into the early years of our favourite show.

PageI found the book to be very interesting and informative, the layout lends itself to browsing through to a particular article rather than reading cover to cover. This does make it a book to come back to again and again. It's not a reference book as such, you won't find the answers to all those Rocky related questions, but you will enjoy the wonderful sense of history that the clippings provide. The Scrapbook is distributed by Andre Deutsch and were available from September 1999 onwards - size 14" x 10.5" inches/36 x 27cm - ISBN 0-233-99581-1.

By the way, all the new Scrapbooks are numbered 00027 (of 2000), and signed 'to Chris with love Richard'. This is because they are reprinted from the original copy that Richard O'Brien gave to Christopher Malcolm. If you have one numbered anything other than 00027 then it is probably an original and worth a bit more!!

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