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The Script for the show
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BookPublished by Samuel French (ISBN 0 573 08055 0) this is the book (script) of the original Rocky Horror Show, with all the song lyrics included.

At the time of writing however the only place you could get the rights to perform an amateur production is in North America. Just because you can buy the script, it doesn't mean you can put the show on in a theatre and you'll probably get sued if you try. I think that covers us well enough now as far a a disclaimer goes. Nothing to stop you and your friends going through the show in your own front room, as long as you don't invite anyone in to watch.

You get the full original script of course as well as the Lighting, Property (Props) and Effects Plots. There is also a staging diagram included in the book, which in itself sheds some light on what the original show must have been like.

Older copy of scriptThere is not really a lot more to say, it is a useful guide to the original play, I occasionally use my copy to check just what has been added to the latest production, or indeed taken away.

I have at least two copies, the more recent one shown in the large images and the one shown to the right, with a white cover that I bought many years ago.

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